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All Souls College Facade Restoration

West Waddy specified and managed repairs and restoration work to the High Street frontage at All Souls College Oxford. This included removing decades of grime and soot from stonework as well as replacement ashlar and repairs to ornate chimney stacks and mouldings. The College is Grade I listed and the foundation of the facade was laid in 1438. The facade has been remodelled throughout the centuries with the battlements added and windows replaced in the victorian era.

Our heritage is unique to the UK and conserving the best requires specialist skill and expertise. Our team of architects and planners trained and experienced in understanding the cultural and historic significance of these historic assets. From Conservation Area assessments to the restoration of Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, historic garden reinstatement or consolidation and repair of Scheduled Ancient Monuments we can assist clients in conserving the old whilst also finding new, viable and sustainable uses for buildings and sites which will ensure their preservation for generations to come.

Design Team
Philip Waddy


Heritage Stone Access


All Souls College, Oxford

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