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All Souls College – Oxford

Appointed to undertake an energy audit of the 1438 front quad, WWADP examined options for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions from this medieval Grade I listed building.

Arranged in a traditional collegiate style with individual staircases giving access to Fellows’ accommodation, the building has a high thermal mass on the lower floors but a low thermal mass within attic accommodation. This combination of part stone and part timber posed a particular challenge to improving energy performance.

Significant data gathering was undertaken to analyse primary heat loss. Air pressure tests delivered remarkable results, demonstrating that a major issue related to full height voids behind panelling on perimeter walls acting as a chimney and permitting heated air to escape to atmosphere at eaves level.

Energy enhancements included preventing leakage at eaves level, enclosing open staircases, improved heating controls and enhanced insulation to roofs achieved by re-slating using modern multi-foil insulation materials.

A second phase of works included replacing older gas boilers with modern condensing types. Overall energy savings of 40% have been achieved equating to 250,000 kWh and 70 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Design Team
Philip Waddy


Kingerlee Ltd

Cost £242,000
Duration 11 weeks on site

All Souls College

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