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Fairmile Cemetery – Columbarium

Fairmile Cemetery is located on the outskirts of Henley-On-Thames within the parish of Bix & Assendon and contains two chapels and a gate house and graveyard built in 1868. Both the Non-conformist and Anglian chapels are Grade II listed and have relatively recently undergone extensive remedial repairs securing the listed buildings, using methods in keeping with good conservation practice.

West Waddy achieved listed building consent for the conversion of the Nonconformist chapel at the eastern end of the cemetery grounds for use as a Columbarium (a room or building with niches for funeral urns to be stored) following a scoping exercise which considered other conversion options including residential and office uses. West Waddy have prepared a schedule of repairs, and suite of details for the fit out which minimise harm to the fabric of the listed building and ensure works are reversible in the future.

Design Team
Stephen Simkins
Ralph Saull
Duncan Pritchard
Matthew Hinkins


Henley Town Council

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