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Letchworth Garden City – RIBA Competition

West Waddy entered the RIBA competition to design an extension to Letchworth Garden City. The team started by revisiting and re-visioning the concept of Garden City principles to design and shape future cities and neighbourhoods. The proposed new neighbourhood with 900 homes, as an extension to Letchworth was an opportunity to re-invent and apply the principles not just in designing the layout but informing and altering the lifestyle to form a community that lives, works and plays together.

The masterplan for the city extension was conceptualised based on mainly two parameters, productive use of the open spaces and built form that is environmentally sustainable. Variety and sequence of open spaces around the dense built-form was designed to enhance social interaction, communal living, shared productive landscape to create a self-sustaining community.

Garden city in the 21st century; achieved through a layered approach to the strategic spatial framework which respects and preserves the natural environment by enhancing and incorporating it into the urban fabric and provide a new meaning to the definitions of contemporary and future living. Closely knit built-form within the urban neighbourhoods intertwined by natural landscape provide a sense of belonging, living within nature and an opportunity to contemplate and admire nature, encouraging the community to manage the open spaces.

To view our entry on the competition website click here

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Design Team
Matthew Hinkins
Ralph Saull

Urban Design Team
Johnathan Headland


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Our competition entry is available for download below:

Litte Letchworth, RIBA, Competition, West Waddy, Architects, Town Planners, Urban Designers

Litte Letchworth, RIBA, Competition, West Waddy, Architects, Town Planners, Urban Designers

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