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Masterplan Vision – Buckinghamshire

The overall vision for this Buckinghamshire site is to create a development with 1500 new homes which has a strong sense of place and locally distinctive character, whilst ensuring environmentally conscious design that integrates with the existing landscape and local context. Adopting the Garden City Principles to design and shape this future community creating a vibrant development that will bring investment, and much needed high-quality homes and jobs to the area.  The aim is to create a resilient, safe and strong community and provide desirable homes that inspire and empower people to achieve better lifestyle.

The development is designed around and firmly tied with the proposed green spine that comprises of existing woodland and proposed open spaces. The hierarchy to the network of open spaces within the masterplan will provide legibility and clarity.

The green spine will act as the open space for the community facilities such as landscaped incidental play areas, community hall, cafe and potentially a children’s day centre. A safe and walkable green spine will encourage healthy living and create a stimulating environment. The proposed open space will incorporate active sports facilities for the new community.

Community facilities will form integral part of the mixed-use scheme. Facilities such as primary school, community centre, medical, etc are located centrally within the scheme to maximise ease of access from all areas of the scheme and the surrounding community. Positioning the facilities adjoining the green spine will create a vibrant, busy centre encouraging social interaction.