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Our Ladys D&T Block – Abingdon

The challenge of extending an existing school to create a new Design and Technology suite was met by reflecting the function of the building in its external cladding.

Using Corten self rusting steel for our bespoke design the practice has created two large workshop spaces for woodwork, metalwork and CAD studies. Specific placement of tools and machinery govern the size and location of slit windows which puncture the Corten box.

The terracotta tones of the exterior panels provide a contemporary addition, and compliment the traditional sandy – red brick of the original building.

Now, technology students can learn the properties of steel and the manner in which oxidisation can help preserve a material and prevent continuing decay.


Design Team
Philip Waddy


Benfield & Loxley Ltd

Cost £298,000
Duration 22 weeks on site

Our Lady’s School

Call 01235 523139
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