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Real Tennis Centre – Radley

Known as the ‘Game of Kings’ Real Tennis became popular in the 17th and 18th centuries and has maintained a noble following in England ever since Henry VIII first played at Hampton Court in 1528.

The new Real Tennis court at Radley is one of only three to have been designed and built in England in a decade. Considerable research was undertaken by the practice to understand the peculiarities of the game. Unlike lawn tennis, the Real Tennis court is reminiscent of a courtyard with the ball played off roofs (penthouses), openings (galleries) and buttresses, requiring tactical play reflected in the design of the court.

Alongside the new court we re-planned the sports centre entrance, reception and changing facilities at Radley College creating a more welcoming approach to the facilities which are also hired out for public use.


Design Team
Stephen Simkins



Cost £1,066,000
Duration 38 weeks


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