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Retirement Settlement – Curbridge

West Waddy ADP have secured permission for a pioneering scheme, providing a sustainable option for older people to continue to enjoy rural life in their later years with access to flexible levels of communal care.

This specifically tailored design incorporates four age restricted, private dwellings along with a communal hub and shared outdoor facilities, including allotments and gardens.
The scheme is situated in Curbridge, Oxfordshire, but could be rolled out across many other locations providing a truly alternative model for communal living after retirement.

The design enables the residents to live completely independently but with access to communal support, which can evolve over time to meet changing needs. As such the buildings are designed to exceed the Lifetime Homes criteria which can respond to the physical limitations of growing older.

The development allows a choice for older people to remain living in a rural location, yet close to a nearby larger settlement with higher order services and facilities.
Due to the small scale of the development and recent changes to Government guidance there was no requirement to provide a proportion of or contribution towards affordable housing.

Design Team
Steve Simkins
Ralph Saull



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