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St Mary’s Church Tower

We recently completed a series of restoration work on St Mary le More’s Church Tower, Wallingford.

The Church, which was largely rebuilt in 1854, was in need of a number of repairs to its tower, as well as requiring a pigeon deterrent system to minimise future damage caused from roosting birds.

Our extensive experience across conservation, heritage and historic building restoration projects made us the perfect Practice to advise and lead on the Church’s repair work.

We worked with the client, completing a number of repairs to the battlements, including Bath Stone dressings to the crenelations, new flint work to the merlons and replacement string courses in Bath Stone. The turret head cornices on all four corners of the tower were also replaced, along with various repairs and replacements to the stonework at belfry level and below.

In addition we delivered a solution to deter pigeons roosting by adding netting and wire guards to stonework.

Design Team
Philip Waddy

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